A human life..

A human life experience is a big phat “?”
Often over looked.. precious to some, yet worthless to others.
Beautiful to some, ugly to others..

I recently had a random conversation with a long time friend,  as the conversation deepened in grease and oil >:)

“Knowing what you know now/today, being where you are in life… if you could, would you change your past to improve your present?”

It took  a good  5 seconds thought followed by a smile  “Nah… I wouldn’t change a thing”
As I look back at my life and the multiple steps that I have taken to get where I am, I am continually grateful for “Life” the good / bad / fun / sad
exciting / boring / interesting / odd & strange things alike..

I’d be lying if I said if I didn’t want to change at least a lil bit of how the dice rolled…
If it was up to me w/o limitations (hypothetically) I’d change the world… How? I’d invest my energy in positive MIND CONTROL reverse the order and help
aid in the reprogramming of our lost society… I would encourage art / colour / music / unity / cultural / social equality / perhaps cultivate a world whereknowing one’s mind is of the highest order….

3AM – Just finished off a side project. 5 Hours Rest and back @ the Grind.
Here’s a personal piece I started awhile back yet never got round to finalising it… This piece I title “Mother Earth” I love the lil wabbit 😉 The Earth represent’s the womb..
Maybe i’ll get round to publishing this one day.

Good night world.





Keep up the…..

I’ve decided to be more ‘active’ with updating my website..
It’s been a very long time and I have been extremely busy with heaps of projects professionally…

Wouldn’t life be awesome if we could halves ourselves and be able disconnect into the bliss of
nothingness… maybe astral project into a world of euphoria. 🙂

Looking forward to the more quieter slope to begin working on some “personal projects”
I’ recently purchased an airbrush kit to have some fun with…
Looking forward to have a play with this and have a blast =_=

Slowly and surely… thank you world / life / UNIverse 11:11

Please share this with the world… beautiful (soul felt music) <3


On fire

A.I.M Academy

Taking some work home tonight to finish off for client approval.
(It’s been a long week, both at work and with the business.. definitely looking forward to the weekend :)).


Status: Mockup
Large format banner design
Client: A.I.M Academy (
Graphic Design by: Peter Dang
Company: Total Print Solutions



Revisiting the forgotten

Life’s been full of new and wonderful adventures professionally and personally. It has been awhile since last visiting the tsogfxdesign website. stay tuned for the full update 🙂 Good night world.. Pete


Here’s a work in progress, i title this one “funky monkey”
A lil fun after a long night’s work

” There are multiple dimensions co-existing in a single ‘moment’ in time.
if we could tune ourselves into this frequency, we will know the secrets of the universe ”

Jeremy Winston