A human life..

A human life experience is a big phat “?”
Often over looked.. precious to some, yet worthless to others.
Beautiful to some, ugly to others..

I recently had a random conversation with a long time friend,  as the conversation deepened in grease and oil >:)

“Knowing what you know now/today, being where you are in life… if you could, would you change your past to improve your present?”

It took  a good  5 seconds thought followed by a smile  “Nah… I wouldn’t change a thing”
As I look back at my life and the multiple steps that I have taken to get where I am, I am continually grateful for “Life” the good / bad / fun / sad
exciting / boring / interesting / odd & strange things alike..

I’d be lying if I said if I didn’t want to change at least a lil bit of how the dice rolled…
If it was up to me w/o limitations (hypothetically) I’d change the world… How? I’d invest my energy in positive MIND CONTROL reverse the order and help
aid in the reprogramming of our lost society… I would encourage art / colour / music / unity / cultural / social equality / perhaps cultivate a world whereknowing one’s mind is of the highest order….

3AM – Just finished off a side project. 5 Hours Rest and back @ the Grind.
Here’s a personal piece I started awhile back yet never got round to finalising it… This piece I title “Mother Earth” I love the lil wabbit 😉 The Earth represent’s the womb..
Maybe i’ll get round to publishing this one day.

Good night world.




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