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Keep up the…..

I’ve decided to be more ‘active’ with updating my website..
It’s been a very long time and I have been extremely busy with heaps of projects professionally…

Wouldn’t life be awesome if we could halves ourselves and be able disconnect into the bliss of
nothingness… maybe astral project into a world of euphoria. 🙂

Looking forward to the more quieter slope to begin working on some “personal projects”
I’ recently purchased an airbrush kit to have some fun with…
Looking forward to have a play with this and have a blast =_=

Slowly and surely… thank you world / life / UNIverse 11:11

Please share this with the world… beautiful (soul felt music) <3


Perks of being a freelancer

The perks of being a freelance graphic designer isn’t only the networking aspect, but more so the wonderful experiences you least expect to find yourself stumbling across. Having the privilege to revamp a clien’ts current website layout and design.
Consultation / Design / Layout / Logo animation.

Website Auditing & Design

Prestige Clientel